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SQL Navigator 7.3 beta (build 4148) is available (expires on 31-Dec-2015)

New Features:


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Be able to set taskbar and window border color per connection

  •        A dropdown named Category is added in the Logon   window
  •        Each category is associate with a color and   it can be customized
  •        When a category is selected before making a   connection, the windows associated with this session will have a color   border, then you can easily identify it from others


Options to change shortcuts for Redo and Undo

  •        Options are added in View | Preferences… |   Code Editor | General
  •        Pre-defined shortcuts are provided:
  •        Redo: Alt+Bksp, Ctrl+Z
  •        Undo: Shift+Alt+Bksp, Ctrl+Y, Shift+Ctrl+Z


Bugs Fixed:


Defect ID

Copy and paste large text in editor takes long time


Lost the selected status when executing one of the selected SQL


SQLNav locks up for a few seconds after executing a query from a large file


Access the downloads directly at:

Download Beta

Download Beta (64-bit)


SQL Navigator Team

Hi Vincent

The colors : really a great improvement for us. I was searching the color of the border :


It’s only visible when the windows are not maximized :




Yes, the color of the border is only supposed to be seen when the windows are not maximized. It looks like you use “Standard” or “Flat” UI style, and I just notice the area showing color in taskbar buttons is different to our design: we try to put the color only under the icon and leave the caption clean, however it covers the whole button in your screen shot. And another problem is the active window lose it’s color in the taskbar button. We will look into these.