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SQL Navigator 7.6 beta build 114 (expiring on 31/Dec/2019) is available


  • SQLNAV-2269: fixed a bug that column names are truncated when it is longer than 30 characters
  • SQLNAV-2274: updated the link to SQL Navigator Beta Community with the latest ToadWorld forum URL
  • SQLNAV-2276: fixed a bug that debugging a package with array variables make the application crash

Download Beta (32-bit)

Download Beta (64-bit)

SQL Navigator Team

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Hi @vliu

Could it be that the Formatter is broken in this build? I'm trying to format this statement and nothing happens at all:

 a AS
    (SELECT onkz || dn_base                    AS dn
  ,RPAD(onkz || dn_base, 10, '.')     AS dnpad
  ,dn_size, order__no
FROM z_044_tai_dn d
WHERE order__no IN ( 401751, 378988))
 ,b AS (SELECT 7 AS numlength FROM dual UNION ALL SELECT 2 AS numlength FROM dual)
SELECT a.*,  REGEXP_REPLACE(SUBSTR(dnpad,b.numlength*-1),'(\.+)$','(\1)') AS from1, 
  FROM a, b ORDER BY b.numlength, a.dn;

Simpler things seem to work, but I noticed the same behaviour in PL/SQL.

My team mate checked in 7.5 with the same config file, it works perfectly fine.



Hi Andre, thanks for catching this. We will fix it soon and post a new beta.