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SQL Navigator 7.6 beta build 119 (expiring on 31/Dec/2019) is available

Changes :
Fixed a formatter error in beta #114 which stops formatting certain text.


  • SQLNAV-2269: fixed a bug that column names are truncated when it is longer than 30 characters
  • SQLNAV-2274: updated the link to SQL Navigator Beta Community with the latest ToadWorld forum URL
  • SQLNAV-2276: fixed a bug that debugging a package with array variables make the application crash

Download Beta (32-bit)

Download Beta (64-bit)

SQL Navigator Team

Hi @vliu

Thanks for this. I just installed it and tried to format the code in the other post. It still doesn't do anything with it, I'm afraid. Am I missing something?



Hi Andre, can you confirm the build you downloaded is and also double check it in Help | About after you start it?

Sure. Here's the proof:

Hi Andre, can you open the folder where SQL Navigator is installed (e.g., C:\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 7.6 Beta), and check the file version of QP5.dll. It is possible that somehow the dll is not replaced during the new installation. If the version is not 5.336, please uninstall the beta, clean the folder and then reinstall.

Hi Vincent

It's even 5.346, if I trust Windows:

What now? Still uninstall?

Yes, 336 is the one working. Even 346 is newer but it doesn't work. Please reinstall. Thanks.

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Works perfectly fine, thanks!