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SQL Navigator 7.6 Beta Program


The beta program for SQL Navigator 7.6 has begun.

Quest’s beta programs are your opportunity to participate in the development, direction, and quality assurance testing of our products. By becoming a beta tester you have direct access to the development team and product management.

Instructions for joining the BETA program

  • The beta requires that you have SQL Navigator commercial build running now. If not, please contact our support to ask for a trial key, Support Page.
  • Read the Beta Agreement. Downloading the Beta constitutes agreement.
  • Download the installer (.zip compressed file) from one of the links below; unzip the file and run the msi to install SQL Navigator beta
  • DO NOT install SQL Navigator beta into the folder where a commercial version is installed, otherwise the commercial version will be uninstalled
  • Please provide feedback by posting a Reply to this forum topic


Download Build 94 expiring on 30 April 2019:

Download Beta (32-bit)

Download Beta (64-bit)

Note: 64-bit SQL Navigator requires 64-bit Oracle clients

SQL Navigator 7.6 requires version 7.x new style license. If you haven’t upgraded your SQL Navigator 6.x license to the new style license, please refer to the Licensing Assistance page on Support Portal: License Assistance.

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