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SQL Navigator 7.7 beta build 129 is available (expiring on 31/Mar/2020)

TMB-2562, fixed an issue that Team Coding VCS Logging options are not saved correctly.

Download Beta (32-bit)

Download Beta (64-bit)

SQL Navigator Team

Hello Vincent,

we now installed the new beta 7.7 and tested this issue. Unfortunately the problem still exists. Here’s a detailed description …

When double-clicking on an existing view (on which a colleague has worked before) in the DB Navigator tree, the "Different versions" dialog appears twice (which indicates that the error happened again).
Each time I select “Open Database Version” in this dialog as this version for sure has the correct content.

Via SQLNAV user I can see that the view now is locked by me. But I did not select the checkbox “Make Editable (Check Out)” in the dialog before.
The view itself looks like not being checked-out. But clicking on the check-out button: Nothing happens!
Team Coding Manager shows the file as checked-out by me. There I'm able to repair it by clicking on “Check-In”.

Then the file lock in tcx_objects is set to 0.
Now I’m regularly able to work with this file until my colleague wants to work with it and then faces the same problem.

In our old Version of SQL Navigator 7.0.1 it never happened that the dialog “Different versions” showed up when the view has been modified by another person before.
Instead the local file in our workspace just has been updated in the background automatically.


Hi Martin,

I'm sorry the issue you described was not fixed in beta 129 (it only fixed the VCS Logging options). It is not fixed yet in the latest beta 242 we just posted either. I will let you know as soon as possible when it is fixed.