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SQL Navigator 7.7 beta build 246 is available (expiring on 30/Jun/2020)


  • TMB-2624, fixed an exception that might occur during Copy&Paste in the Code Editor;
  • TMB-2981, fixed an issue that code collapsing in the Code Editor is disabled when the option in Preferences is turned off;
  • TMB-3120, removed some design-time sample text that causes confusion in application scanning.

Download Beta (32-bit)

Download Beta (64-bit)

SQL Navigator Team

Hi Vincent,

so no fix for the team coding issues?

Regards, Martin

Hi Martin, sorry it's not fixed yet. We worked on it but due to the complexity around it we haven't fixed it yet. It's still in the high priority queue :slight_smile:. We will keep you posted.

Do we have a new version available?

Crickets? Is there going to be another release?

Hi Joe, it's now available: SQL Navigator 7.7 beta build 251 is available (expiring on 31/Aug/2020).