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SQL Navigator BETA Bug


Hi ,

I think, I found a bug in SQL Nav 5.5 Beta. I want to
explain you. But I am not sure it’s bug or occurs from invalid configuration parameters.

The problem is ;

When u have a Database trigger after logon which is changing all users default schema (Alter Session Set Current_schema = DefaultUser),then logon any user diffrent from DefaultUser. You can’t access defaultuser’s any tables,procedures or triggers etc.But u can access constraints.

Can u give information about this ?



Hi sgunler,

Great catch!!!

I have tested and it behaves exactly as you said. We will fix it in the next cycle of Beta, post 5.5 release. Thanks for your input. I hope you enjoy latest SQL Nav version. We would like to hear more from you about latest SQL Navigator’s features.

I will create change request on your behalf.


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Hi sgunler,

We will get the fix to you in the first Beta build which will be available shortly.

Welcome to the Community. The whole team is looking forward to working with you more closely in the future .

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce,

I am waiting for new build and also continue use this beta release. if I saw any thing wrong , like a bug or any suggestions I will be there .

Thanks and Regards.



Thank you very much Sedat for your note.

Andrew, Jaime and the rest of the gang here will be glad to hear more from you .
Best regards,


Hi Sedat,

Thanks again for picking this up. It is a regression issue from SQL Navigator 4.5 release

Just a quick note to let you know we have fixed this issue. The changes will be in the 1st Beta build of post 5.5, it should be available to you in a few weeks time.

Thanks and regards,