SQL Optimizer 8.7 No valid SQL Found

I am trying to batch optimize a rather complex SQL statement and I have getting “No valid SQL found” I believe I have a configuration problem on my PC but am not sure where to look.

I am using the batch optimize SQL option and using “SQL Text”. I put my SQL in and it starts scanning then stops at 1% stating No valid SQL found.

  • Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle Enterprise
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Oracle Instant Client 11.2 64 bit

When I try to perform the same steps using Windows 7 XP Mode with XP 32bit , 32bit oracle drivers the SQL is found and it attempts to optimize it.

What can I do to figure out what is not configured correctly in order to have SQL Optimizer work with windows 7 64bit with 64bit Oracle Client?

Hi Peter,

Batch Optimize extracts SQL from the batch using the same options used for Scan SQL. Since you suspect it to be a configuration problem and there is another machine working, you may compare the settings under Options | Scan SQL in the two machines.

Another thing to try, you can add the same batch to Scan SQL and allow it to scan the SQL for you. You should see the same SQL scanned in both the Batch Optimize and Scan SQL. If you see different SQL, then it would not be a configuration problem.

If the above doesn’t help. Please contact Support and provide your batch so we can take a closer look for you.