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SQL Optimizer cannot connect to any server??

Hello all,

I have tried to connect to four different servers now with no joy from SQL Optimizer for SQL Server 10.0.1 Trial Edition (I am attempting to evaluate the software, but it isn’t looking good at this point). I can connect to the servers via SSMS and Toad. SQL Optimizer display an error window with no text whenever I try to log in using my Windows credentials and Windows authentication as well as both sets of administrator credentials via SQL authentication.

Has anyone ever experienced this issue before and have solution? I searched the forums here and on Dell’s website to no avail.


Can you tell me your OS version? What is your UAC setting? Thanks.

I searched the forums here

@Levin - I am running on a Windows 7 machine. All UAC settings generate the same, empty error dialog. It’s strange… SSMS, Toad, and Spotlight all connect without issue.

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Can you open the Support Bundle under Help menu at the right-top corner and repeat your step to reconnect to your database? When the error happen, please go to Support Bundle page and click “Send to Support” button. Our support will give you a closer look on your environment.