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SQL Optimizer for DB2 no longer works

I installed newest TOAD package with optimizer
TOAD works. Optimizer not works.
At startup optimizer show message that "client is not installed".
On next program starts and I see my connection which works from Toad or odbcad32.exe.
When I'm trying to use this connection I see message "The procedure entry point sqledosd_api@16 could not be located in db2app.dll" and "Unable to load library ConnDB2.dll".

I tested it with data server driver packages v10.5fp10_ntx64_dsdriver_EN.exe and v11.1.4fp4_ntx64_dsdriver_EN.exe .

Hi Krashan,

Is here any outstanding issue with this problem? I found you ask same question in other thread and "Ondrej" suggest you raise a support case. Did you raise a support case about this problem? Toad and SQL Optimizer can support "IBM Data Server Client". If you still have problem with DB2 client please try these steps:

  1. Uninstall all DB2 client
  2. Uninstall Toad
  3. Uninstall SQL Optimizer
  4. Install DB2 "IBM Data Server Client" (NOT "IBM Data Server Driver Package (DS Driver)")
  5. Install Toad for DB2
  6. Install SQL Optimizer for DB2