SQL Optimizer - Stuck at "Searching for SQL 22%"

Hi All,

I am trying to run Quest SQL Optimizer 8.8.1 for Oracle on a fairly complex SQL statement of ours, to see how much improvement can be made by the tool. I’m trying to run the tool using the “Batch Optimize SQL”, however it seems to get stuck on “Searching for SQL 22%” in the Job Status and doesn’t get any further. I’ve left the job running overnight and the status hasn’t changed, nor found a single alternative SQL statement. Total "Number of SQL by Classification : 0 ".

Can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong and how I can get SQL Optimizer to recommend the best alternative for a “fairly complex” SQL statement?

Many thanks,


Hi Lance,

When the Batch Optimize SQL is under “Searching for SQL 22%”, the SQL most probably is under the scanning and optimizing process.

To see if the problem is due to the complex SQL or related to the Batch Optimize SQL module:

  1. Please try paste your SQL to the Optimize SQL for single SQL optimization to see if you can find any alternatives.

  2. Also, you can try to optimize another SQL in Batch Optimize SQL module to see if the process can completed or not.

If you still find the complex SQL cannot be optimized in Optimize SQL, or if the Batch Optimize SQL cannot finish another SQL scripts’ otpimization process, please feel free to contact our support for further investigation.