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SQL*Plus command desc with database link



Say I have 2 databases DB1 and DB2, each having a database link (for some user) to the other: db_link_DB1 on DB2 and db_link_DB2 on DB1.
Both databases have a table called “tab” - same user as the links, of course - but with different (and/or a different number of) columns.

If I enter the command “desc tab@db_link_DB2” on DB1 (or “desc tab@db_link_DB1” on DB2), I’d expect to get the description of the table of the “other” database. Instead, the description of the “local” database table is shown.


Nice one. I get the same problem…


Hi guys,

A CR has been logged for this issue a while ago. It might not be fixed in 6.1 though because we have more urgent bugs that need attention.