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SQL Thread Execution and GUI Lockup



I’m sure this must have been discussed somewhere before but I can’t seam to find any threads about it.

SQL Navigator has the limit of 1 active sql execution per session, and at most times, it does it’s job at warning you about this, yet what is annoying, is that if for some reason there are 2 executions, the second execution goes into queue and the whole GUI locks up. An example would be, while executing a statement and then clicking items on the DB Navigator will lock up the GUI (DB Explorer is smart enough to block out). A more rare but still frequent reason for GUI lock up will occur when you have multiple sessions open within the program, set an execution on 1 session, and be working on another of them, sometimes a dot look up will lock up the whole program or saving to database while working with the procedure/function editor.

I really would wish that SQL Navigator would better detect actions that will result in the GUI lock up since for my work environment, where executing 1-2 hour procedures or scripts is not uncommon, I loosing control of sessions for hours at a time is really annoying. Is there any plans to make SQL Navigator really multithreaded?


CR has been raised for this issue.



Thanks a lot! An example of a nice implementation of this can be found in the Oracle SQL Developer 2.1.