SQLMACRO not rrecogized

This may not be a bug. New feature of

SQLMACRO is not currently recognized. See attached.

This is annoying, I figured 15.0 would solve this but I'm now on and SQL Macros (Ora db 19.6c) are still not working. json_mergepatch (19c) has the same problem. This is surprising since 15.0 is supposed to have "Oracle Database 21c Support".

Hello Andreas,

Support for more 21c such as SQL macros and multi-iterand/multi-iterator PL/SQL loops will be available soon, before the end of the month.

OTOH, can I ask you which problems you experience with json_mergepatch, do you have an example?


More info: Macros were coded in component QP5.dll version 5.380 which became part of Toad on Nov 8.


Hi Andreas,

Please note that the 15.0 release notes say:

Oracle Database 21c Support

Existing Toad features work with 21c on Linux and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Support for new features of 21c will be added in a future release of Toad.

Note: Oracle Database 21c has not been released for Windows at time of publication.

Good that it's on it's way been waiting for this for a while now since the features where available in 19c as well :slight_smile:

As for a mergepatch example, this works fine to run

SELECT json_mergepatch('{}', '{}' RETURNING CLOB) FROM dual

But Toad complains about the RETURNING clause (presumably it thinks it's a normal function).

You are right, 19c already introduced some of that stuff. For some reason parser was not updated, but I'm catching up! And thanks for the json_mergepatch example, I'll fix that too.


I also have TOAD 15 on 19c Database and it doesn't recognize things like SQL Macros, however, you can still "run as a script" and it works, like if you need to compile a function with SQL Macro.

SQL Macro will be recognized soon ... Part of another bunch of stuff currently in Q&A.


Is SQL macro okay now?