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Sqlnav should use quotation-marks for cols and object naming in wizards



As in subject.
Watch attachement.
Sqlnav do not accept special object naming. Can U do something with that?

Just for note,this inconvenience is not so important for me :wink:

-Piter- (279 KB) (180 KB)


Hi Peter,

we feel that it would be unwise to assume that any user typing in lower case would want to maintain lower case.

There is probably a lot of people type in lower case assuming that it will be changed to upper case by Oracle.



Hi Sekhar ,
I didn’t mean ALL TYPED NAMES, i think special names should be recognized. Quotation-marks only should be added for names with special marks.


It has some merit Piter…
I’m not aware of any other tool that does it, but I guess that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done!!

We’ll keep it in mind for a future enhancement.

  • Jaime -


Hi Jaime,
Oracle tools could do that :wink:


Hmm… well we can’t let Oracle tools get the better of us, now can we!!..

  • Jaime -


If Oracle tools be better than yours, why should I use sqlnav??


Because you love using SQL Nav…
It allows you to be more productive !!

  • Jaime -