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SQLNavigator 7.1 Beta2 is available to download now, will expire on 31st May 2014!

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that 7.1 beta2 is available to download now. Our first beta will expire on 18th April soon, so try this one instead please.

This time I will put the download link both in the post and in overview page download button, as someone may not be so familiar with the new site yet and couldn’t find a way to download easily.

If you have a 32-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment:

If you have a 64-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 64-bit environment:

First and Most Important note:

**Please uninstall previous beta version before installing the new one. **

New features implemented in this beta:

  • More functionalities of Code Analysis implemented

  • New face of View Difference

  • Compound Trigger Support

  • Online Knowledge Xpert – links to Toad World at the moment

  • Support set severoutput by command

  • New encoding option UTF-8 No BOM

Bugs fixed from Community and Support:

SQLNAV-970 Add Session re-connect msg in output when do re-connect

SQLNAV-971 set server output on / off with plsql in nav

SQLNAV-1204 Add UTF-8 without BOM Encoding option for code editor save dialog

SQLNAV-1211 Support for Compound Trigger

SQLNAV-1255 cursor is not right when jump to another package method.

SQLNAV-1399 Team coding: undo checkout issue(Regression)

SQLNAV-1468 The toolbox items can’t be remembered

SQLNAV-1470 Go to definition doesn’t work when cursor is at the end of the table

SQLNAV-1503 File saving from View Difference tool

SQLNAV-1522 OS version incorrect in support bundle

SQLNAV-1523 Install 64 bit to X86 folder and registry in Wow6432Node branch.

SQLNAV-1529 Export to Excel solutions (Need to be more clear)

SQLNAV-1531 Teamcoding after undo checkout no confirm

SQLNAV-1535 F8 run incorrectly with comment in.

SQLNAV-1535 No result returned when SQL Stmt with comment at end

SQLNAV-1542 Go to definition for function should take you to the actual position in the package

SQLNAV-1546 Bookmarks disappearing

SQLNAV-1551 Expects ddl created to reflect the cloned object, not the original object

SQLNAV-1553 Too many clicks necessary to use Describe filter field

SQLNAV-1554 Can’t click drag objects properly into CE

SQLNAV-1566 AV when copy data in single row view

As always, please feel free to give feedback anytime, we are pleased to hear and will try to give you update ASAP. J


SQLNavigator Team

I am wondering is there any others ways to make this post be shown at the top for a while besides making a new reply? [:P]

The 64-bit version just like the previous Beta, is crushing at startup with a message: Exception EAccessViolation in module sqlnavigator.exe at FFFFFFFFB6940090.

Access violation at address FFFFFFFFB6941090. Write of address FFFFFFFFB6941090.

I have Win 8.1 (64bit environment) and two Oracle clients 11g R2 x64 and x86.

The 32 bit version Beta probably will work.

Hi Martin,

I am sorry to tell that it’s still an known issue in win8, wait a moment please Vincent is fixing on the way.