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SQLNavigator 7.1 Beta3 is available to download, will expire on 31st May 2014.


Dear All,

Glad to tell that there is a replacement for beta with some bugs fixed, download and try the latest one please. It will expire on 31st May 2014 as well.


If you have a 32-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment:

If you have a 64-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 64-bit environment:


Bugs fixed:

SQLNAV-1465 Output Window doesn’t come to surface

SQLNAV-1527 Excel Download “Protected”

SQLNAV-1503 File saving from View Difference tool

SQLNAV-1537 Excel formatting when export to 2007

SQLNAV-1568 CTRL+Click jumps to package SPEC not BODY

SQLNAV-1240 Linebreak in CE is changed from #10 to #13#10 in 7.0

SQLNAV-1583 Parser is broken for create package body

Known issue:

  • The 64 bit build still couldn’t work well in win8, please try 32 bit build at present in win8.
  • Double click on the errors from output and error panel to get the error detail hasn’t been implemented yet.

New feature introduction:

v Excel formatting when export

You have options now to choose whether you would like to show the header color or cell border when export data to Excel. The default status is OFF.


v View difference

  • Toolbar buttons’ icons changed
  • Compare rules and options settings are not in preference anymore, now click that 2 buttons will jump out the option window separately.
  • The issue with compare large files and objects has been fixed

v Go to definition option for package.procedure

We add an option in preference: Code Editor | SQL Scripts | Go to definition package programs. With this option you can choose to jump to package body or Spec as you like.

Please let us know if any issues or suggestions, thanks.

Best Regards,

SQLNavigator Team