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SQLNavigator for MSSQL


Is there a version of SQLNavigator for MSSQL? Or is it at least in future projects?


Hi Catalin,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We have no plan at the moment to add support for MySQL to SQL Navigator. At Quest Software, we already have the tool for you - Toad for MySQL which is a freeware tool for you to use. Please check it out @

I would also suggest that you check our other freeware MySQL offering, Spotlight for MySQL @

Hope that the info would help.

Thanks and regards,


I was talking about a version for MSSQL (SQL Server) not about MySql.


Very sorry Catalin. I have missed read your post, it is late night over here :-).

The answer still no for MS SQL. We dont’ have plan for SQL Navigator.

You might want to check out our freeware Toad for MSSQL:

Thanks :-).


Thanks for the answer but TOAD is out of question. I am a very lazy man and I am used to SQLNavigator interface. I usualy work with this two databases Oracle and MSSQL and would of been nice to have also a SQLNav for MSSQL. I am sure it is not that hard to do . In my aplication i made a SQLDictionary that interprets commands and function differentely based on the database type. So when someone writes programs that contains sql statements they use SQLDictionary functions for those parts that are different in those two databases. But well…maybe in the future.