SQlTracker formatting numbers in output

Regardless of settings in Oracle Number Type Value Output section
I get numbers displayed in scientific notation , I seem to remember it working differently.


while their values are actually:
:p0 = 10
:p1 = 4320
:p_col = 10
:p_c0 = 67108864
:p_l0 = 180
:p_l1 = 300

Hmmmm, I'm not seeing this behavior in the Tracker, but I've only checked via Toad for Oracle version 16.3 (Tracker same version), which just came out last week.

What version of Toad/Tracker are you using?

Gary, I've checked
Same behavior in all of them, maybe its something related to OS settings?

Hmmm, wondering then if it has something to do with language localization?

Gary, I've no such problem with any other output in Toad nor sqlplus...