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SS2K5 RE ident_seed error


I’ve just installed (okay, re-installed) TDM 3 and I’m experiencing an issue trying to reverse engineer a SQL Server 2005 database and I’m getting a “CS3 - Internal error” that “Field ‘ident_seed’ is of an unsupported type.” I’m receiving the error whether I select tables or not. End result is that nothing will RE. Curious if it is something with my TDM install. I can RE objects just fine inside of SQL Management Studio. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.


More information: I am using an ODBC connection and not ADO.



Yes, we know about the problem. Unfortunately, ODBC connection is not fully supported. We will deal with this issue.
For now, please use ADO connection.

Thanks very much for your patience.


Vladka & TDM Team


Thank you. Switching to ADO did in fact work. :slight_smile: