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SSIS Features?

I have been using TOAD for many years now, but it continues to surprise me with features I wasn’t aware of. So I am asking a question, to verify that I have not just “overlooked” something in TOAD.

Please note that I am not saying that TOAD SHOULD do this, merely asking whether or not it CAN do this.

We are looking at doing a data conversion. We are considering SSIS or DTS or something similar. Does TOAD have something built in that will work? I don’t think data compare is up to the task. It needs to be scriptable.

So, can TOAD do this?

Thank you!

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately TSS doesn’t have it for right now. But can you please briefly describe what are you going to do. Probably Toad Data Point (formerly Toad for Data Analysts) has it - this product is more about working with data.
Here is a link:

Thank you for the information. We are attempting to semi-automate the conversion of data from a legacy system and DB to a new system and DB. We have some SSIS experience already on-staff, so will probably stick with that. However, I will take a look at the Data Point product.