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stability issues when trying checkout


When checking out a package body and there is a difference between the database version and repository (SVN) version, team coding displays a notice containing the comments linked to the repository version. If you decide to cancel the checkout it seems that sometimes system becomes unstable. It logs an internal error occurred and if you try this more than one time the instability window appears, asking if you want to close the application.
Please take in mind that comments mentioned before are in greek language and some times are displayed corrupted (as a different codepage).
I believe that there are stability issues with this build and “internal error occurred” message apprears too often but the case cannot be reproduced.
I am using oracle client 9i and may be that has something to do with instability.


Thanks for report this issue.
We already have a very similar CR that about this issue. I will add you note in the CR.
I am Currently working at this issue, but it is very hard for me to reproduce it in my evironment…
Will keep working on it.

Thanks and Regards
Lyla Su