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Starting not to care WHY Toad is so slow

We are very pressed at work with the workload. I am beginning not to care WHY toad is so slow, and am working to move to SQL Developer. As I'm working throughout the day, I constantly run into connection lost and have to wait so long to get the cursor back it's frustrating. Then a refresh the connections, and THAT takes forever. Then I click on an object and loading it takes forever.

I'm simply getting to the conclusion that Toad is just too slow to deal with.

Hi Wrightt,

Sorry for the frustration. This kind of thing is definitely on my radar. I have made some changes in recent betas to help alleviate this. (Look in Options -> Oracle -> Transactions).

Also, I have heard from customers that setting SQLNET.RECV_TIMEOUT and SQLNET.SEND_TIMEOUT (on the client side) have decreased the wait time after a lost connection.

Give it a try.


Thanks John for the fast reply. I will try it when I have time. We are just under so much pressure in the workload it's hard to make time for these small research/change/test issues.


Using Toad for Oracle and Toad Data Point for years and years and i can't hear that Toad is too slow !

Today, i can run statements in parallel over 68 schemas using analytics functions for billions of accounting lines in few minutes !

I think your problem is not specific to Toad but your Oracle instance or network !

I have been using TOAD for Oracle since back when it was free and actually stood for Tool for Oracle Application Developers. I do have trouble with it crashing, especially when I am compiling packages and procedures, and changing DBLINKs they reference. I was having trouble with TOAD locking up, it turned out it was the way they configured our PC's.

I changed the application data directory and the temp file directory to use c:\temp subdirectories. I also had hundreds of files on my desktop. I moved those to another location, and put a "Working Folder" link on my desktop to that location. TOAD performance improved drastically after doing these things. I believe it was all of the file I/O TOAD does to save configurations. Moving those to the local C drive eliminated our sub-performing network.

Hey John, another consideration for development is that the drop down bar does not update at least for users when then occur. To use the drop down bar for that, you have to create a new connection. This happens even when a user is dropped. You can still select the user, but won't see any objects. But the reverse is the problem. If I create a new user, and want to view objects, I have to open a new connection for the capability. Hope this helps! It would sure help me :slight_smile:

Hi WrightT,

Are you talking about the common dropdown that lists schemas? (such as below in schema browser?)


if so, right-click it and choose "Reload from database" and it will refresh.

If not, I'm not sure I follow you. Can you give me some more details?



Theres is also a set of three arrows to the right of the schema name.Clicking the left most refreshes everything in the schema browser. Clicking the one with '1' in the icon refreshes the list you are currently viewing.

Thanks Brian, I will try this to see if it fixes the issue.

I tried that Brian, no luck. Thanks though.

@wrightt A little ways up in this thread, on Aug 9th, you were talking about the dropdown where schemas are listed. To make it refresh and pick up added schemas, right-click it and choose "reload from database". If they still aren't there, maybe you have it configured to exclude schemas that don't contain any objects. Right-click it again, choose "Users to Load", then "All Users".