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I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I think the Statement Recall pop-up can use some enhancements:

  1. show date/time statement was last run
  2. show more of the SQL stmt - there should be some limit, but a lot of he time it is the WHERE clause that I’m interested in retrieving, but I can’t see it. I have the recall the query, look at the WHERE clause, then go back and get the next one.
  3. after you adjust the size of the “row”, it is not saved. If you adjust it to view the maximum amount of SQL, you lose it when you select your statement. Next time you do a recall, you have to adjust it again.



Hi Charlie,

Agree with you that there are room for improvements with our Statement Recal feature in our SQL Editor. Thank you for feedback.

Currently the statement recalls store in SQLEditor.hst (txt format) and SQL Navigator only store upto the last 10 statements, we have some performance issue when the size of this file getting large, like 20 MB.

We currently plan to rewrite this feature post 5.5 release, and store the history in XML file with unlimited number of statements. We will raise a change request on your behalf to include date, time, and syntax hightligh in the Recall statements for you as well. With the redesign of this, it will give us more flexibility and provide you a more user friendly workflow which will address the resizing issues you have identified. We will keep you posted when this change will be available, it should be in post 5.5 Beta build and will be available to you in a near future.

Thanks again.
Best Regards,


Hi Charlie,

Just another quick note, it is definitely the right forum for you to provide any feedback and enhancement request you might have for SQL Navigator. It is where you can communicate directly to other SQL Navigator users and our Dev team.

We are all looking forward to working with you closely making SQL Navigator Better.

SQL Navigator is getting Better Because of You

Best regards,