Still experiencing problems selecting SQL scenarios

I’m experiencing some strange problems with selecting sql scenarios in the tuning lab. I go to the sql details page and select statements, but when I go to the compare scenarios window different statements are selected. In the details window, I unselect all, then try to select just the first altenative, but the 3rd alternative will appear as selected too. I manage to get the first 3 selected and tell it to run the selected scenarios, but it only runs the first one. I’m going to try closing and restarting, but has anyone else experienced this issue? Am I doing something wrong?


I don’t seem to have the same problem. Do you get this problem all the time and even after restarted the application. If you can let me know how you get the alternatives (by optimizing or generating index) and if you have done anything special on the grid (sort a column or show/hide them), I will look into this problem again. Any information that you think may be related, please also let me know.