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Stopping plsql execution


When you hit “stop”(in child window) while execution of task, and then hit “stop current task” in main window, sqlnav lost connection, with error “Problem breaking execution”
Sometimes Recconect dialog is showed, when you click NO , program hangs.

Check this.

Maybe its problem with newest versions of dlls included in patchset

Regards Piter (310 KB)


Hi Piter,

We will tackle this with other issues which i have identified with the Code Search & Find Object as I believe we will need to look at the threading handling.

Thanks and regards,


Did You reproduced these errors??


Hi Piter,

I have tried it last night & today but did not have any success yet using the released beta build & my dev enrivonments. Will have to leave to magic hands of Jaime . Hope that we will be able to nail this for you soon :-).



Hi Piter,

I have certainly found an issue with clicking the ‘Stop’ button in close succession with the ‘Run’ button (on the SQL Editor). I can easily get Nav to lock up, requiring it to be killed using Task Manager.

Not exactly the same as your issue, but may be related.
I’m investigating this further and will raise a CR for it!!