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Strange acces violation.


Last time, I observed some “internal errors”, and “Index out of bounds” afther quick browse.
That error occurs only during FIRST quick browse afther opening sqlnav.
Than i maked some tests, and i found that situation:
ONLY when Refflection X is opened, that error occurs!! Afther system restart, this issue still could be reproduced.
(Afther that error, sqlnav works properly, but closing takes a while (about 5s without child windows opened) and CPU is 100% consumed.)

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Open reflection X, x client manager should by open.
  2. Open sqlnav, connect, try f3 on table.
  3. Error occurs , but data are displayed.

In attachement some screenshots and my error.log from sqlnav.

Try to reproduce this, i think this could be a memory acces violation, when browse form is created…

My configuration:
Win XP SP2 (all patches up to date)
Reflection X 7.10 for WIN NT
Oracle - 9,10.1,10.2 HP-UX, WIN32 … (181 KB)


Hi Piter,
thanks for the info.
We are looking into the AV at the moment. Will keep you posted shortly.



Very nice catch on the AV Piter


Hi Piter,

I currently do have ReflectionX on my system, Did not make much progress on this yet… As per your note, the AV does not occur when not having Reflection X running. I have tried to reproduce this on our envi…just want to make sure that this would not occur on most of our users environment which does not have ReflectionX running…

Could you please send us the link where we can get the same release of Reflection you are using .
Thanks Piter.



I will send you link to my instal on priv…


Just 4 informaion ,error still occurs with beta 4 version …


Thanks Piter. I have received your private message and will download the file tomorrow morning Oz time when I will be in the office. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Piter,

Nice catch Piter . Just let you know that I could reproduce the problem here myself just now using the Reflection version that you sent earlier. Thanks for sending us the files.

I will look into this for you now and try to get the fix to you soon.

Thanks and regards,


Nice to hear that this exception occurs not only on my system. I’m looking forward to seen what you find with this.

Regards Piter.


Hi Piter,

Sorry I did not get back to you on this earlier.

This strange AV occurs in the area of we have to make changes involves the connections management in our IDE…It is a high risk changes…We hope that the use case is rare having reflection running at the same time (the issues have been in Nav for a while - A nice catch here Piter), we have decided to leave it out for post 5.5 release. We will get the changes to you in an early beta build post 5.5.

Thanks and regards,


No problem! I can live with that. I thing this is not often that people uses sqlnav and refflection at the same time.

Regards Piter

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Thanks Piter for your understanding .


Hi Piter,

Just a quick note to let you know that we finally managed to address this issue . Jaime and Sekhar will do more testing here, the changes will be included in the next beta build which will be available to you shortly. I believe the changes also addressed a number of timing AVs which we have seen in the past and we could not reproduce consistently…


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Great work guys!