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Strange behavior in Data Compare of Toad for SQL Server Beta


I run data compare on 2 DB’s that are idetical at level of metadata but different in datas.

These are the settings of dialog :


As you can see I flag checkbox of Drop/create foreign keys.

After comparison I run the update from source to target and I obtain this error message :


I try to translate the error message for you :

– Foreign key ‘FOGLIO_LAVORO_fk3_STO_FOGLIO_VIAGGIO’ of the table ‘STO_FOGLIO_VIAGGIO’ refers to the constraint ‘PK__ANAGRAFICA_ALBER__1CF15040’ . Impossible delete the constraint. See previous errors. –

Obviously the synchronization doesn’t works correctly.

Why this ? I set to drop the foreign key and re-create it in my settings …

I stay tune for your consideration.

Best regards, 7



Hi Sergio,

Thank you very much for your feedback. You are right. The synchronization doesn’t works correctly.

The error is because we select the Drop/Create Primary Key. It seems when toad try to drop Primary key before it drop Foreign Key, but it fail because the PK is reference by a FK.

We expect that the setting is working even the primary key is been referenced and we can synchronize the data successfully.

I create a issue TSS-818 for this.

Thanks again,



Hi Kelly,

many thank’s for your support and TSS-818 open.

I hope to see problem will be solved in a future version of TOAD SS beta.

Best regards,