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Strange behaviour of code completion in SQL Editor


Last beta version of TOAD SS but it’s the same in TOAD 5.8.1 R2.

I have a DB with 2 schemas, HR and Sales.
These schemas contains tables Employees and Customers.
I want to write a union all statement like this :

select city,region,country from HR.Employees
union all
select city,region,country from Sales.Customers;

and execute it via F5 or F9.

I begin to insert :

select city,region,country from HR.Employees
union all
Then, on third line I type :

select from - and code completion show me schema Sales.
I select it and press OK.
At this point I obtain code like screenshot CC_TOAD.JPG, the first.

Why this ? Do you know if there are some options to activate in TOAD options ?

If instead of union all, I write only union (distinct) :

select city,region,country from HR.Employees

code completion works OK. I write select from and when code coletion appear I select Sales schema and all is OK.

See my screenshot CC_TOAD_OK.JPG for detail.

I stay tune for your consideration about this.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti




I find code completion to be so broken that probably 2/3 of the time it is completely worthless. It works for the most basic of one-table queries and scenarios. But, you start doing joins, and it suddenly turns into a headless fish, flopping around aimlessly. And including sub-queries? Forget about it…

When it works, it is useful. The rest of the time, it is annoying. It works just barely enough of the time, that I don’t turn it off completely.


Hi J Fischer,

many thank’s for your support.
I think that dev of TOAD SS can only improve the code completion in future.
I hope…
I test it and there are some problems.

Have you reported problems of code completion to dev of TOAD SS ?

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Some, yes. In prior beta’s. But the issues are so numerous and so fundamental, that I tend to “short-circuit” when I try to describe them. “Where to start?” and “How to describe all the issues?” become overwhelming questions… :slight_smile:


Hi Sergio,

Thank you for the post, we reproduced the problem. I can’t promise we’ll address it in 6.0 release as we almost finished development and are getting into the testing phase as we are very close to release. Anyway we’ll try process it as soon as possible.

In regard to Code Completion in general I agree to J Fischer that currently it’s far away from being ideal and there are some fundamental problems. The main reason is that initially Code Completion was developed as something nice to have but not as a marketable feature, thus now it takes time make strong background for it, but I should say that in few past releases it became quite better, and we continue to work on it. Hope after some time we’ll be able to make you really enjoy working with it :slight_smile:


Hi Stanislav,

many thank’s for your answer.

I understand your position about new release, but I hope to see the issue resolved in the future .

But most important I hope to see more stability and useability in the code completion and relative editor SQL for the future release.

For example remember the feature : requested by David Stein.

I consider it very useful.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Just for the reference - CR109374 is created regarding original report.


Hi Alexander,

many thank’s for the CR109374 created.

Best regards.

Segio Bertolotti


I test this problem with last version of TOAD SS 6.1 beta , but it’s still present.

Have you some news about this ’

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Hi Sergio,

Sorry for a late reply. CR 109374 is still open in the backlog and we could not get to it yet. It is same as other code completion change requests which would be targeted in the next release. We will keep you posted.

Thanks and regards,



Hi Bruce,

many thank’s for your answer.

I test the problem in one of the next beta release and after I inform you about the result.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Hi Bruce,

some hours ago, I download new beta version of TOAD SS 6.5 - and the problemi is still present.

I stay tune for your reply.

Best regards.

Sergio B.


Let me chime in here on what I know of the history of Toad and Code Complete. I got involved with Toad from the start because years ago and before Toad for SS was introduced I had bought a code completion add on to SSMS called Speed IDE. It was a product that worked like RedGate SQL Prompt and it worked well. Quest had bought out Speed IDE when it started writing Toad for SS. I was offered a license of Toad at a good discount and I was under the impression that Quest bought Speed IDE so that they could take the current logic and use it to get Toad Code Complete in a very usable and mature place at the start up of Toad but the was not the case. In fact, it appeared to me that Quest bought Speed IDE and just threw away the code and logic because Code Complete has only every worked for the most basic of queries as the previous poster has indicated. I have been involved in every beta that has been out and in every one of them I have made comments about the disappointment of Code Complete and could not figure out why all these other features keep getting added to Toad when the most basic of features (writing queries) falls flat on its face.

To date, I just ended up buying RedGate SQL Prompt which is exactly like how a code complete should work and I write my queries in SSMS with SQL Prompt and then copy and paste them into Toad so I can use the grid for all of the features it provides. Then I use some of the other feature of Toad when the opportunity arises but for the most part I write queries to pull data.

If I did not own Toad today, there is no way that I would pay $650 for a product that cannot even write a simple sql statemtent.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh but we are now on version 6.5 and Code Complete is still a beta level product. While many of the other features are great, Quest (or now Dell) needs to apply all your energy to Code Complete to get that working and then worry about adding other features.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.



That was a great post Matt. I came to Toad SS from Toad MySQL and recommended it to my company who bought a few full-on Xpert editions ($1,145 baby). But thanks to endless harping from my colleagues about Toad SS’ bugs I re-tested SSMS with various plugins to try to replicate Toad features. I ended up not using RedGate’s SQL Prompt as much as devart’s SQL Complete but the code completion functionality is similar (Actually SQL Prompt causes memory-out errors that caused me to turn off its code suggestions: shades of Toad, eh?). Together with SSMSBoost and TabsStudio to replicate Toad’s tabbing behavior, connection coloring, and auto-complete I’ve actually exceeded Toad’s basic functionality, to my surprise.

Fundamentally, SSMS just doesn’t crash or otherwise end up in a vegetative state like the way Toad does. Like you I only use Toad for the grid editing (which, btw, is also very buggy). I don’t even use it for database diagrams anymore as RedGate’s Dependency Tracker is much superior (and callable from SSMS). I still love Toad but my lack of posts here is simply because I grew tired of reporting so many bugs. Nevertheless, I cannot discount the value of having a single environment for doing my SQL Server work so I look forward to what the Quest team can bring in the future.


Hi Matt,

many thank’s for you clarification and explanation.

I start to use TOAD SS 2 years ago, with version 5.6.

I discover it because I wrote a stored procedure of about 700 lines of code with service broker etc,etc, and I must debug it.

Two years ago I was using SQL Server Express Edition 2005 with advanced services and SSMS can’t debug it.

I’ve noted problems with code completion and signaled it, but like you wrote in your message, seems that Code Completion in TOAD is still in beta.

I don’t understand why developers first in Quest and now Dell doesn’t works on Code Completion feature to make this more usable in TOAD SS.

For example, I never use Toad for Oracle, but I don’t think that code completion works in the same mode in it…

Now start the new beta 6.5 of TOAD SS and the problems with code completion is still present.

Why ? Can someone in Dell try to solved it ?

I’m very tired to use it and probably it’s time to search a valid alternative…

Many thank’s for your suggestion about RedGate SQL Prompt. I download and test it in the next days.

I hope to see some answer from Dell/TOAD SS developers…



Hi Sergio, Matt, and All

Thank you for your feedback and checking this area with the beta again.

We/Toad SS Dev team agree with your view on the importance of the code completion.

It is certainly the area which we want to improve to meet your requirements/needs.

We wish to work with you with special v6.5 beta build drops if needed in a near future, so that you can work more closely with our Dev team in this area.

Many big thanks again from all of us in the Dev team for your support.

Thanks and regards,



I would be glad to assist in getting Code Complete working as it should. Please let me know what you need my assistance with.




Hi Bruce,

many thank’s for your post.

I read answer of Matt and for me it’s the same situation.

If you want contact me for improvement in Code Completion don’t hesitate in doing so.

I’m very happy to help you and developments team to improve TOAD SS Code Completion feature.

If we can improve the product it’s better for all users of it.

Best regards.



Hi Bruce,

last beta version of TOAD SS 6.5…0.2705 and the problem with - union all - statement that I have open in April 2013 , seems to be solved.

I test it and now works withouts problem.

Best regards.