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Strange behaviour of TOAD 6 SS Beta


I have the following strange problem.
I connect to as DB, open tables, select one and I press right button mouse and select - VIEW DETAILS - .
All is OK. I switch to - columns - select one and press button o nthe toolbar - VIEW DATA FOR SELECTED COLUMN(S) - at this point data show only this column.

At this point I want to return to view all comuns and I try to delete or de.-activate the filter in the bottom of the window.

At this point I can’t delete filter or deactivate it.

Have you some idea I can do that ?

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti



Actually you can clear data filter if click ‘Define filter for data’ on the toolbar and then ‘Clear’.
If you have any ideas how to make this feature better, please advise.

Best regards, Julia.


Dear Julia,
many thank’s for your answer.
I follow your instruction, and press button clear to remove filter, but as you can see from my screenshot the filter isn’t deleted and it’s still present in the bottom of the data window.

My problem is to delete filter .
I can’t do this.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Yes, I see what the problem is.
I created CR # 106318.

And how do you think this feature is useful?

P.S. Sergio, if you have any ideas how make the work with data more convenient, please share with us.



Dear Julia,

many thanks for your support and CR # 106318 created.

You wrote :

And how do you think this feature is useful?

From my point of view this new feature it’s not so useful. I prefer open a Editor SQL Window and write my T-SQL instruction to select my data. TOAD have a beatiful “intellisense code T-SQL completion mechanism” that help me to write code with join, select,etc,etc,…
This is very useful for me…
But now If DEV TEAM introduce this new feature, have had their own reasons…

You wrote :

P.S. Sergio, if you have any ideas how make the work with data more convenient, please share with us.

Probably the best for me it’s to insert a new button on the toolbar, near button VIEW DATA FOR SELECTED COLUMN(S). When user press this button the filter will be deleted, like press clear button on a dialog like you suggest to me in the previous message.
This because when a user filter for a particular column(s)/field(s), it’s more easy that the user want clear the filter than modify it, to return in normal status with all field(s)/column(s) visible.
This is only my opinion…

What’s do you think of this ?

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Hello Sergio,

Many thanks for your comments!!!

You can see that we have removed this feature from the last beta. Actually it was an experiment :slight_smile: Now it works only for the columns footer (panel under the list of objects that appear when you select any table) in the Object Explorer. You can select some columns from this footer and send them to Object Details (View Columns Data… item in the context menu).

regards, Julia


Hi Julia,

many thank’s to you for help and support.
I see that in the last beta this feature was removed.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti