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Strange behaviour of TOAD Data import wizard


Last beta version of TOAD 5.8.
I want to import records from one DB in another.
I export records with your export wizard in MS-Excel format from source DB without problems, after this I try to import in a valid DB and create a new table to import it.
See me screenshot in attach for details.
First data_import.jpg show you a column/field COSTOULT. As you can see it’s a decimal field.
In statement create table was defined as numeric(18,5).
See second screenshot - import_target.jpg. As you can see COSTOULT is a INT value.

Why this ?

I never see it and I try to import many time the records but when I import a value with decimal part I obain an error message and I can’t import records.

After discover this I change manually the - type - of the field and all is OK.

Second question…
It’s possible to excluse some column name from import process ?
If yes, how ?

I stay tune for your explanation / consideration…

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti


Hi Sergio,
sorry for the delay, just got to this question.

  1. As you can see COSTOULT is a INT value.
    When you import to a new table wizard tries to guess data type from the same of the data from import file. It doesn’t scann all data due to performance reason. So you definitelyhave to review suggested fields and make any adjustments.

If it happens often - I suggest you to create table before importing data with using Create Like dialog (where you can define column list as well as other definitions). Or you can use other Toad tools like Schema/Data Compare.

  1. It’s possible to excluse some column name from import process ?
    Yes. You can set it up on Define Columns step - right before Select Target step on your screen.

Hope I’ve answered your questions.


Hi Alexander,
no problem for the delay.

Point 1) I will follow your suggestion for the future.

Point 2) I discover the solution some days ago.

Many thank’s too for your support.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti