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Struggling with this tool




nt_from_exp_cv Q##939979339_qnt;

nt_from_fp_cv Q##939979339_qnt;

fp_count PLS_INTEGER;

exp_count PLS_INTEGER;

PROCEDURE initialize;

FUNCTION table_function ( data_in IN SYS_REFCURSOR ) RETURN Q##939979339_qnt;

PROCEDURE get_data (

variable_name_in in VARCHAR2

, collection_inout IN OUT Q##939979339_qnt


END Q##939979339_qtp;


I am struggling with this tool. I have written a test that tests the returning of a recordset (ref cursor).
Although I have got this test to work I struggle to make any changes to the test without the test-compilation failing. I then remove the single line of code and re-compile and it still fails.

I am also unclear as to when the test code is re-generated. There are also a number of objects on my target test schema that are created.

I think these objects are there to support this ref_cursor testing. I have now deleted the entire test but these packages (there are 21 of them) persist. I also get a number of errors complaining that the referenced generate packages do not exist.
I understand that generated code should not be modified , the code should be added/tweaked and the application should then generate this code into the overall test packages. Great in theory but I question whether the re-generation is working correctly.

Sorry for the dis-jointed comments. I am concerned that this tool is not mature enough for use yet. I am using version I have been struggling with this for 2 days now and seem to be making no progress.

I guess my biggest problem is working out when the code is auto - generated and removal of tests should result in database packages being removed (i would
imagine). Is there any in-depth documentation I can reference.

Darren Palmer

Here is an example (see below).

OR REPLACE PACKAGE Q##939979339_qtp##939979339_qnt;##939979339_qnt;PLS_INTEGER;PLS_INTEGER;*–PROCEDURE initialize;FUNCTION table_function ( data_in IN SYS_REFCURSOR ) RETURN Q##939979339_qnt;–*PROCEDURE get_data (in VARCHAR2, data_in IN SYS_REFCURSOR, collection_inout IN OUT Q##939979339_qnt, count_out OUT PLS_INTEGER); Q##939979339_qtp;


Vladimir, as I mentioned in another post, these issues will largely go away in 1.2.6, which I hope to make available within two weeks. My apologies for your frustration. I felt the same way, and so have worked hard the last week or so to totally avoid the issue.

Regards, SF


Who is Vladimir? My name is darren.
I think Vladimir was the guy who suggested the upgrade of the repository to get around the patch corruption issue (see another post). This worked BTW. So thanks Vladimir.

I am sure this forum will start to get real busy once word gets around about this testing tool.