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subdescription of test case


Someone in our company has written more than 50 test cases for my package procedure. But now I need to add samo more test cases. Now I have problem what was actually covered with those test cases. Now I have to read all 50 descriptions. Is there a possibility to make for a user somekind of a list of values, where a user can add subdescription.

Example: calculation of interest on a loan
List would be:
prepaid interests,
periodical interests (monthly),
periodical interests (not monthly),
with variable rate,
already charged,
charged at the end of a loan,
calculation of interests after the end of a loan,
simple interests,
calculation with compounding,

The user can now choose 1 or more values from that list for every test case.



A very interesting idea! Let’s make sure I understand:

You would like to be able to assign “types” or categories to a test case – and make them user extensible.

Pre-defined types might include:

Boundary condition test
Null input
Delete successful


But then a user could provide their own string, that would be inserted into the test case type table (TTTT) and then you could use that later or use it as a way to quickly scan test cases.

Is that the idea or are you looking for more of a one-line summary of a test case, different from its title?

Thanks, SF


Only one-line summary of a test case, different from its title.