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Substitution variables in Unified editor


I think I found a problem with the unified editor as substitution variables are not working properly.

I tested this simple query “select &aa from dual” and it ends with an ORA-01008 (not all variables bound).
It took me some time to see the Substitutions panel appear automatically on the right side of the window, but anyway, even specifying a value over there doesn’t work.

And yes, my button (:&) on the toolbar is enabled.

Hope it’s useful,


Also something that is missing is the possibility to replace the quoted substitution variables.
For example, if I put in my query the quoted variable ‘&p_asg_num’, it won’t be detected at all by SQLNav and no prompt will be made for substitution.
This will make a lot of scripts unusable, because SQL*Plus works fine with quoted substitution variables.



I’ve fixed the first issue. Note that substitution works in beta3 for scripts, the problem is with single SQL statements.

The second issue is a bit more difficult, but I promise to address it before GA release.



I am back with feedback for beta4.
The substitution variables do not work at all, neither in SQL scripts nor in single SQL queries.

The panel does not prompt for a value to substitute the variables and it’s not possible to change the value manually, it just defaults to the name of the variable.

That’s very bad, I hope you can fix it.



As mentioned in post:
The Substitution Variables functionality is to be brought more-in-line with the old editor(s).
Currently it is not intuitive, how to set them.
CR has been raised for this!

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