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Subtable Feature


I have some columns that store audit information. These are in almost every table in the database.

It would be nice if I could create a “subtable” that contained these columns and then just include the subtable once in each of my other tables. Then if I needed to change / add any audit columns, I would only need to do it once in the “subtable” and all of the other tables would be updated automatically.


I found “Nested Table Type” under User Data Types.

Does this do what I’m looking for?


CREATE TYPE textdoc_tab AS TABLE OF textdoc_typ /

(this example creates the named table type textdoc_tab of object type textdoc_typ)

Thanks for your question.




Inheritance solves the similar thing to what you require. Nevertheless, inheritance is not supported in TDM 3 physical model.
In any case, we will consider your request. CR # 33 446.

I found “Nested Table Type” under User Data Types.

If you used “Nested Table Type” under User Data Types, it would mean that e.g. the following SQL code would be generated during the script generation:


Hi “pelton”,

A quick note on your request - CR # 33 446:

For the current Beta, we can offer you the following workaround:

  1. Create a domain for the attributes. (Model | Domains | Add).
  2. And simply assign the domain to the attributes you need. (See the Attribute Properties dialog | Domains combo-box.)

Then you can change only the domain in its properties dialog, and the change will be applied in all the attributes with this domain automatically.

Well, this might help you a little.