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Suggestion for new version of TOAD SS 6.5

Sometime I go in Objct Explorer and select a table. At this point I press right button and select GENERATE SQL - SELECT STATEMENT - APPEND TO EDITOR. or TO EDITOR - and TOAD SS generate a select SQL statement on SQL Editor.

See my screenshot in attach.

As you can see sql statement isn't formatted. At this point I select on toolbar - Format SQL - and at this point I obtain an sql stetement more readeable.

Is it possibile when generate a sql select statement format it automatically instead manually ?

I stay tune for your consideration,

Best regards,


Hi, Sergio,

Many thanks for your support. I have create a story TSS-628 for this. We will reply this when we have a decision. Feel free to contact us if have any question.

Best Regards,


Hi Kelly,

many thank’s for your answer and support.

I stay tune for your decision.

Best regards,