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Suggestion: per connection values for "Default Tables" and "Explain Plan"


(might be too late in the cycle for suggestions)

The “Default Tables” and “Explain Plan” preferences allow for a global setting of owner name and table name (or leave blank to use current ID).

It would be nice to have a per connection setting to use different owner names and table names for those.

We use database instances that are owned by other groups that have different standards and they and we don’t always use the same name conventions (or even same version of SQL Navigator) and yet others use other GUI Tools that also create tables with named like “EXP_PLN” that have different columns that Navigator expects.


Hi Kyle.

This is an excellent suggestion, and we will definitely take it on board for a future implementation…
Unfortunately, yes, it is a little too late in the current cycle for enhancements.

I’ll log this in our system for future reference!

  • Jaime -


nothing to do with bugs… Just love your avatar…