Suggestion to enhance F5 pop-up


When running a script using F5, we get a pop-up with a cancel button.
By default this button is ‘in scope’, which can be an unhappy default for longer-running scripts.

Also, sometimes something unexpected or suspicious flies by in the output window.
In such cases I’d like to be able to suspend execution.
That gives me time to check and investigate the issue.

Would it be possible to add a ‘Suspend’ button? And make that the default button for being in scope?
Hitting a suspend button inadvertently has less far-reaching consequences than hitting the cancel button by accident.

In suspend mode, would it then be possible to view the script output generated thus far
before resuming or cancelling further execution of the script?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Hey Abe,

That’s definitely an interesting concept, and I like the idea. In doing a cursory glance through the code, it looks like it might be possible to do, but I’ll have to research it a bit more thoroughly. In the meantime, can you add this idea to the Idea Pond? That’ll give other people the chance to weigh in on the issue as well, and also allow us to better track the enhancement if/when we add it.

Thanks for the idea! I’ll keep you updated as I continue to look into it!



thanks for the quick reply. I’ve added the suggestion to the idea pond.

Kind regards,