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Suggestion with free space presented in DB Navigator.


What about more detailed information presented in free Space section. Now we can see current free space in tablespaces,
but not all available free space afther extension of datafiles.

Watch this sql:

select b.tablespace_name tablespace_name,
(free_bytes)/1048576 free_bytes,
(sum(maxbytes)-sum(user_bytes)+free_bytes)/1048576 max_free_byes
from dba_data_files b ,(select sum(bytes)free_bytes,tablespace_name
from dba_free_space a group by tablespace_name) a
where a.tablespace_name=b.tablespace_name
group by b.tablespace_name,free_bytes

Think about this improvement, i think it’s useful.


As in your earlier thread, we will consider this as enhancement for DBA features in SQL Nav.