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Support for 64 bit machines


I started a new thread on this topic to discuss the evolution of TDA and 64bit
OS support.

In addition to our requirements for having TDA on WinServer2003/2008 64bit
machines for Automation, I will be getting a new Workstation in the coming days
with Win7 64bit OS so I can use dual channel 8 gig RAM to run my resource
intensive APPs and manage large dataset manipulation.

The question is, will TDA work out-of-the-box on these machines? Many of our
Developers will be moving to this kind of setup in the coming months. We want to
use 64bit Oracle and DB2 Clients, so this is a concern.

The future is also looking like our Super Users may have 64bit machines to host
SQLserver2008 and enable a Distributed Cube Architecture for analysis. The
possibility of connecting TDA to local instances of MS Analysis Services Cubes
is creating hype.

Thanks. Regards,


TDA in general will install and run on Win 7 64-bit. We install and run in
32-bit mode. This however, is not compatible with existing 64 -bit DB2 clients
and we are discussing what to do.