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Support for DB2 v9?


On the key features description for your TOAD 3 BETA you mention the DB2 as supported database engine.
But after downloaded and installed I could not find as database supported.
How can I create a modeling for DB2 v9.1? (or 8 in the worst scenario)

Thank you


When will be available for DB2, I owned
Leave Case Studio and buy the license for
Toad Data Modeler because it indicates that all receive
in version 3 features we had in Version 2.1, is a promise
that we Sales did the users of DB2, we see greater concern
in adapting the tool for Oracle. And I am concerned
because I have always had my models in this tool.
thank a lot


Hello all,

Support for databases is added to TDM3 gradually. The database coverage plan is available in the TDM3 Beta Basic Info and Comparison Matrix. Please see the doc at:

As you can see, support for DB2 database is planned for TDM3 version 3.1.

Anyway, I can confirm, we’re working hard on support for DB2 v. 8 at the moment. Support for version 9.1 is planned too.
Now I’d like to ask you for patience. Thank you.

Note: If you’re users of TDM2, please keep on using version 2. As soon as the DB2 support is finished for version 3, you can import your TDM2 models to TDM3 then. Thank you.

If you have any questions, please write me back.