Support for Oracle Spatial

Do we support Oracle Spatial objects in Toad Data Modeler? I don’t believe there are spatial-specific objects when working with entities and relationships, but I’m not certain. Also, can one reverse engineer when Spatial objects are involved?


In TDM, you can only:

  • select a spatial data type among attribute data types - SDO_Geometry, SDO_GeoRaster and SDO_TopoGeometry.
  • create Spatial Index (fill out the IndexType box on the Index Properties tab).

This is all. Anyway, please write us your requirements in detail. We will see what we can do about it. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team

Thank you for your response! Just so I’m clear, if I’m reverse engineering, then the Spatial objects you listed would appear within the model, correct? I take it that any other Spatial objects wouldn’t appear in the model. Do I have the correct understanding?


Yes, the spatial objects I listed will be loaded during RE. - The SDO_… data types will be loaded for particular attributes (note: but spatial data types are not loaded to User Data Types) and indexes of spatial type are loaded during RE as well. So, they will appear in the model.