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Switching between result sets

If I do a two select statements, I receive two result sets…

I then set up the first result set with filtering, sorts, grouping and sums…

I switch to the second result set, and when I return to the first result set and my sorting/grouping/summing is gone.

I think that once you set set those types of thing is should be persistent when you leave and return to a result set.

Thanks for your feedback.

Do you happen to this problem when you switch select result in the left of set?


We create TSS-1345 for this.

For now, the work around is that if possible, execute different select statement separate. And use tab page like below, then the filter can persistent.


Yes, my issue is when I select the result sets from the left side.

While I could use your workaround, it is inconvenient when the script is long and the second select statement builds on the first.