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Sybase Database Error: Invalid amount of parameters ?


When I try to execute a stored procedure with parameters I get the following error : Lookup Error - Sybase Database Error: Invalid amount of parameters.

exec web_get_top5_bd_sauv works fine

but exec web_get_top5_bd_sauv @outputmode=“print” does not.

toad_002.sql (5.49 KB)


Unfortunately there seems to be an issue on our side with named parameters. While I investigate is it possible for you to run the procedure without the parameter name? For example, “exec web_get_top5_bd_sauv ‘print’”.



As it turns out this is another issue with the Sybase ADO.Net driver. Sybase has technical support case 11647711 for this issue.


Using named parameters now works with the latest beta realease (


Glad to hear it, let me know if you come across any other issues.