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SyBase download ZIP file will not open


I just downloaded the latest SyBase Toad freeware and the zip file is corrupted.

It will not open.

any help?


Hi, Robby. The most common reason for a zip file displaying as being corrupted is that the download did not complete successfully. The Toad for Sybase freeware is a fairly large download. It should be 87.5mb. Please check your file size. You may need to download the file again.


Thanks, Steve. But of course I did that and same result. Corrupted files on download is pretty rare. Can somebody please try it and see if it works?



I was able to unzip the install file into ToadforSybase_2.0.1.209.exe.

Used 7zip.


Thanks for trying it!


I tried it again today and it worked this time.

Thanks everyone.