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Sync between logical model and phisycal model


I am a beginer user and i am having dificulties to identify how to mantain the syncronization between a logical and a phisycal model. In the past, i used ERWIN and there is possible to change a logical model and see the reflect of it on phisycal model. When i create a entity in logical, appears a table in the phisical. i dont know if its possible in TOAD. I do´n´t like to regenerate all the logical model, only the modifications that is appearing.

Thanks in regards.


Hi SandraML,

RE logical model and conversion/synchronization: every time you convert a logical model to physical, new model is created. You can then compare and merge the physical model you generated earlier with the newly generated physical model.

Direct conversion to existing physical model is not possible as well as update of logical model. See my explanation here:

Anoher useful article:

If you do not plan to work with inheritance, use Universal Model instead of Logical. The universal model is based on physical model and e.g. keys migrate to child entities automatically, but inheritance is not supported in Universal model.