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I’m working on a big database model for Oracle 10g and the same model is being used in MySQL 5.1.

What my aim is to carry on with my model creation and when development time arrives for the new sections of the system, I reverse engineer the current database and create an alter script between the two (Manually removing the tables that I’m not yet done with). I then convert this database to MySQL, reverse engingeer the MySQL database and follow the same steps (Working on One database then). I’ve created JScripts for the changes and naming conventions we follow.

Finally getting to my question, is there a setting for me to Exclude the quotations from the oracle script and also include the primary key creation within the Table creation statement?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hello Rudi,

Settings defined in the DDL Script Generation dialog are also taken for the alter script generation (quotations, schema prefix, primary key inside or outside statements).

So, before you open the Sync & Convert Wizard, press F9 to open the DDL Script Generation dialog | Detail Settings tab | clear the Use Quotations checkbox and from the Create Primary and Alternate Keys box, select Inside CREATE TABLE Statement.
Do it for both models that you want to compare (Left model and Right model).

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team



Thanks for the help, that’s exactly the screen I was looking for.