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Synchronize Model very unreliable


For me the “Synchronize Model” against an existing database schema produces very unreliable results. The same table name is reported as “new” and “not exists” at the same time.

This means the same table name is shown with a green color and the label “(not exists)” on the right panel and with a red color and “(not exists)” in the left panel further down in the list. I noticed this also happens very frequently with columns.

Going through all detected changes in that dialog is extremely time consuming especially because expanding and collapsing a single node (table, columns, …) takes a good 5-8 seconds (on a quad-core i7 computer!). So it’s basically impossible to work through the list of changes (my model contains approx. 200 Tables and nearly all of them are reported as “changed” even though only some of them really are).

This is an example screenshot how a “missing” column is displayed.


Is there a setting that I need to make in order to make the comparison more reliable?

I’m using TDB 5.1


thanks for your feedback. There can be few reasons why columns can be recognized as new items. In some cases column name and data type are not the only factor that is evaluated. There can be dependencies with other items and that’s why I would need to look at the complete model to find out why it was recognized as missing/new.

In any case, for future versions we plan to focus on synchronization features, improve current features significantly (incl. possibility to save settings and selections etc.) and introduce new system how simple alter scripts should be generated for objects selected in-advance.

Thanks and have a nice day,