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Synchronizing project definitions between colleagues


In the Project Manager, I am planning to create definitions for all database objects we manage.
The source files are located in a Subversion repository (our source version control system of choice)

Now I would like to share the project definitions with my colleagues (we’re a team of 5), but…
the project definitions file (the .tpr file) holds explicit paths to the source code on my C-drive.

The directory structure defined in SubVersion is copied exactly to each of our PCs, but the path to it is different for each of us.

E.g. in Subversion we have view definition: Utilities\Schema utl_krg\DDL\Companies.vw

On my PC this is fount at C:\Work\oracle\Utilities\Schema utl_krg\DDL\Companies.vw
whereas one of of my colleagues has the same file at D:\SVN\Utilities\Schema utl_krg\DDL\Companies.vw
The other colleagues have yet different paths.

Does anyone have an idea how we can avoid double maintenance on the project definitions file?

Until now I have thought of the following solutions:

  1. Force everyone to use the exact same path for SubVersion-managed source code

  2. Set up all PCs with a symbolic link in a fixed location. The link should point to the local root of the SubVersion-managed code tree. I would then have to manually edit the .tpr file after every modification to change all exact paths to use the symbolic link in stead.

  3. Put the ‘local copy’ (from a SubVersion point of view) of the source code on a shared drive. This kind of beats the purpose of using SubVersion, doesn’t it?

  4. So far, no more ideas generated yet.

Does anyone have experience solving this issue?
If so, would you please share your experience?

Thanks in advance,
Abe Kornelis.