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Synonyms in DB explorer


Maybe this was already reported but I only noticed today

In Db explorer there is no entry for all the synonyms…we have to use the DB Navigator for that.
I do not know if this intended to be like that

PS: using beta 2 (1317)


It is under other…



Any idea why the icon is not like the one in the DB navigator?


Nope, just noted I could find it a while back and that’s were they told me it was. I think Materialized Views are here also (If they exist).

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Yes, it was under Others for now but the enhancement request is on our list. It may not make it to 6.2 though.


Hi Filipe,

As DB Explorer is a developer (not DBA) tool, we took a slightly different approach to synonyms compared to DB Navigator. They are now grouped under the object types they refer to: table synonyms under Tables, package synonyms under Packages etc. Private synonyms will be located under own schema, public synonyms under PUBLIC. The original idea was that opening a synonym from DB Explorer will open the referenced object, so synonyms would be transparent to the user; however, this was later changed because of some complaints. We welcome users’ opinions on the new design so that we can choose the most suitable solution.



Hi Roman,

It’s ok the way it is now…having in the others the list (now that I know)…sometimes you know you jave a synonym but you do not know if it’s for a view or a table…

Request with low priority: Could the icon of the branch synonyms in others change to the custom synonym icon? :slight_smile:



I can see the other icon in my schema, but no synonymes are there.
Under public schema there is no other icon on my side.


@Torsten:Do you have any synonym in that schema. Could you please take a snapshot of DBnavigator?

@Filipe: there has been a request to make a proper Synonym node in the DBX that is targeted for 6.3.


Hi Torsten,

Since PUBLIC schema contains only synonyms or DB links, we decided to omit the redundant Synonyms node. Tables node contains public synonyms to tables, Views - public synonyms to views etc. Since you usually know know the type of the referred object , this way you should be able to find your synonyms faster.



Ok - now I find this, have not looked under tables in public before.